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About Me

Coaching and Organizational Development

To execute successfully as a company or team, you must build a cohesive leadership team and create clarity and alignment on your business direction.  I will work with you to review your organizational structure, develop clearly defined initiatives, develop employee goals and accountability plans and implement employee compensation and incentive plans that align with business objectives.  You need to have “weigh-in” to get “buy-in”.  Working as a leadership team during this process is critical to gain clarity on key initiatives and setting expectations and measurable goals for each team member to deliver profitable growth.  I will partner with you to build a cohesive team clearly aligned with your business direction.

Finance and Operational Analysis

I will conduct a financial review of your business to identify opportunities to drive more dollars to your bottom line and increase return on sales.  I work with you to create a plan to drive profitable growth focusing on the following areas:

Review Profitability by Product Line

Evaluate ROI on Significant Operating Expenditures

Develop Financial Plan and Key Growth Drivers

Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning

When developing a marketing plan it is critical to understand your target market, how your product or service is different than your competitors, and ultimately what value that creates in the marketplace.  I work with companies to implement a value-based pricing process to capture value and develop a marketing and sales message that your team can confidently deliver to your customers to drive measurable, long-term success.  I will partner with you to identify your target market, develop a sound pricing strategy, marketing plan and brand campaign to drive organizational clarity and value in the marketplace.

Business Valuation and Succession Planning

Business succession planning can be a difficult and emotional process.  But if done proactively and correctly, having a business succession plan in place will give you peace of mind and help prepare for a successful business transfer to employees, family or 3rd party buyers.  I will work with you to position your business for a successful transition or profitable sale.  We will evaluate your the value of your business, develop a plan to grow business value and review succession planning options available.






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